I’m Dave Battarbee and I’ve dabbled in photography throughout most of my adult life, mainly with the aim of recording our children and family events. When I retired, my wife and I started to travel a bit more. This triggered a renewal of my interest and I entered the world of digital photography. Over the last few years, my interest in photography has developed to the extent that it now occupies most of my spare time.  I’m learning, but still have a long way to go.


My blog, Dave’s Photo Musings is where I show, and sometimes chat about a few of the photographs that I have taken.  They aren’t always great images, but I have thought them worth showing and maybe discussing.

This site presents a selection of my images, although some may also have been posted on Dave’s Photo Musings.  These pages are ‘work in progress’ and hopefully, if my photography improves, I will update the site to reflect this.

All images on this site are the Copyright of Dave Battarbee, All Rights Reserved. Images must not be used for any purpose without my express written permission.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dave,
    I found your photo sites but not your others. Enjoyed your company on the Saga trip very much. I am well impressed with your pictures. If mine came out half as good as yours I would be well chuffed. I am ploughing through mine at the moment, so many with very little difference. I shall look forward to seeing yours. I am sure Sue will be in touch later.
    Best regards
    John Winter

    • Hi John,

      Hope you and Sue are well.

      We also enjoyed your company a lot. You are very kind in your comments about my pictures, though rather undeservedly, I think. I’ve had a quick look at your Flickr stream and your photos are very good. I see you have some of the Canaries Tour already. Very good, and I see a bandy legged old coot in one of them! I haven’t even looked at mine yet. We are busy with house viewings for the kids and prep for Nottingham tomorrow. It’ll have to be next week before I start. My email address is in my Flickr Profile and is david.battarbee@which.net. Dee’s is similar, but starting with dee. Not sure what sites you found and which you didn’t, but they are probably not worth looking at anyway.

      Thanks again for your company and hope that we can stay in touch. Bye the way, I do notice some similarities in our photos as well!

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